Looking for Vehicle or Equipment Finance?

There is a common belief that vehicle & equipment loans are similar to home loans, just with a shorter loan term. However that isn’t quite right.

In reality, there is a wide range of specifics that affect the interest rate such as loan duration, repayment type, age of the asset and even the ownership of the asset.

On top of this, each lender has their own credit policy and lending guidelines, which will also impact the type of loan you will end up with.

This can get a little complicated and requires knowledge and understanding of the intricacies to ensure you get your ideal solution. We deal with a wide pool of lenders on a regular basis and are kept well informed of their processes and procedures.

By getting to know you just as well, we can ensure your receive your ideal match and finance that will work for you. We will provide you with a number of loan options then take you through the paperwork, all the way to settlement and beyond.

What we can help you with

Cars (personal & business)
Vans & trucks
Plant & office equipment
Construction vehicles & equipment

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